• Studio Flat £89
  • One Bedroom Flat £139
  • Two Bedroom Flat £165
  • Three Bedroom Flat £189
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End of Tenancy Cleaning Gunnersbury W4

End Of Tenancy Cleaning North London

Guaranteed end of tenancy cleaning services in Gunnersbury W4, London provided by TenancyClean LTd. Call us now to book a service.

We would like to tell you a couple of words regarding end of tenancy cleaning and how to make sure that you have chosen the best partner in such situation. However, the first and probably most important thing here is to set goals. In such situation it is crucial to know whether or not the landlord of your property has pretentious manner.

If yes, then we recommend you not to try performing end of tenancy cleaning on your own because in most cases the final result is always the same – failure.

Hiya. This is Patricia from Cotman Close. Your staff were here yesterday afternoon for the end of tenancy cleaning. Thank you for sending them over. They did great! Just to note that they cleaned all rooms, the whole flat, without missing anything. I’ll surely be using your services in the future.

And when you draw the line at the end of the day you will realize one thing – you have spent an entire day trying to clean the property with only one purpose – to get your deposit money back, you have also spent a decent amount of money in order to buy cleaning detergents, but there is one thing that you have missed – you do not have any experience with end of tenancy cleaning.

End of Tenancy Cleaning
Studio flat £89
One Bedroom Property £145
Two Bedroom Property £165
Three Bedroom Property £189
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Hallway/ Landing carpet £10
Armchair £18
Bedroom carpet £23
Living/ Dining room carpet £26
Two seat sofa £30
Hourly Based Services
Domestic Cleaning £20/h
One Off Cleaning £21/h
Deep Cleaning £21/h

We know that the above example sounds a bit bad, especially if you have really spent the whole day cleaning, but if you don’t want it to become true, then the best way is probably to give us a call. We are the type of professional agency that knows how to make things right. What is even more, we have a really rich portfolio showing that we have managed to accomplish thousands of cleaning projects in Gunnersbury W4 and the final result is always the same – the client gets his deposit money back.

If you think that you deserve such attitude and you want to get the sum back into your pocket, then there is no room for hesitation. Also keep in mind that we recommend every single future client of ours to give us a call a few days in advance because in that way we will be able to arrange the details of our cleaning in order to fit the needs of the customer.

Here is a list of some of the services included in our end of tenancy cleaning;

  • Cleaning the inside/out of kitchen appliances
  • Cleaning the freezer/fridge (must be de-frosted in advance)
  • Mopping hardwood floors
  • Vacuuming carpets (we provide all the needed equipment)
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the entire bathroom
  • Polishing and cleaning surfaces
  • Cleaning kitchen appliances
  • Cleaning windows, doors
  • Cleaning pictures, wall hangings and decoration
  • Clean the floor
  • Clean windows on the inside

Booking our End of Tenancy Cleaning in Gunnersbury includes:

  • When you book a professional end of tenancy cleaning service with us, a team of cleaning professionals that specialise in this type of work will come to your house.
  • They will be prepared with high standard materials and equipment that will assist them with accomplishing the fantastic results you will see.
  • They will adhere to comprehensive to-do lists and ensure that all chores included in the service are completed.
  • All dust, grime, buildup and clutter will be completely removed and the entire apartment will be left immaculate.
  • The high quality of the cleaning service is guaranteed and you may rest assured that you will be able to receive your deposit back. Waste no time, give us a call and receive one of the best end of tenancy cleaning services on the market.
end of tenancy clean

Get a custom quote for your cleaning service:

  • To ensure that everything is fair for our customers, we use a pricing system that allows us to charge everyone for the different tasks they receive as part of the service.
  • The office staff will take into account all activities that will be performed as part of the service and will determine a customised rate for your project.
  • You will know exactly what you are being charged for and can be confident that the price will remain unchanged until the service is completed.

We clean in all London areas:

About Gunnersbury

The locality of Gunnersbury lies predominantly in Borough of Hounslow but its northern edge falls under Borough of Ealing. The entire area of Gunnersbury has expanse of less than ½ km and is included within Chiswick postal district in London. The London Underground Network and the railways are the primary modes of transport for the area. Apart from Gunnersbury station, Acton Town tube station also serves the area. Brentford, Kew and Mortlake are neighbourhood localities.

Gunnersbury is comprised mainly of pre-World War houses of different kinds such as flats, terrace, detached and semi-detached. The 18-storey tall building of British Standards Institution (BSI) at Chiswick High Road is a symbolic structure for Gunnersbury. The business park Chiswick Park has offices of many renowned companies such as Virgin Active, Foxtons Estate Agents, Qantas Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Intelsat, Discovery Channel Europe, Technicolor, CBS News, Teletext Ltd., etc.premium-quality-stamp

To the immediate east of Chiswick Park is Gunnersbury Triangle woodland, which is haven for various species of plants, birds and other wildlife. The admission to the nature reserve is free. Gunnersbury Catholic School addresses the education needs of the area but only for boys.